The Festival

Welcome to handball Swedens hottest rallying!

Åhus Beach Handball is Swedens most famous and appreciated summer event within child, youth, and senior-handball. The tournament is played on the beach in Åhus and contributes to a big connection and fellowship for the whole handball-Sweden. Åhus Beach handball Festival is a proud member of the Swedish Cup tour.

The fact that the common denominator for sports, and especially handball, is love proves that sports are important, and also that Åhus Beach Handball’s mission is to spread and strengthen the handball in Sweden.

Åhus Beach Handball is the world’s biggest handball-tournament on beach. In total participate over 1 500 teams, 17 000 players and leaders from 140 associations. Together they play around 7 000 games during 10 days on the 19 sandfields, and together with the supporters, there are approximately 85 000 visitors during the festival. We hope that all players of tomorrow, children and families together with Sweden’s handball profiles will be joining the joy and connection that’s been created on our unique beach and venue in Åhus!


Play Days 2018

LeaguePlay days   Price
Born 201013 July795:-
Born 200913 July1495:-
Born 200814-15 July2295:-
Born 200713-14 July2295:-
Born 200615-16 July2295:-
Born 200517-18 July2295:-
Born 200419-20 July2395:-
Born 200316-17 July2395:-
Born 200220-21 July2395:-
Born 200118-19 July2395:-
Junior League Born 98-0014-15 July2695:-
Senior Open League21-22 July3195:-
Exercise league22 July2800:-
Senior League compounds20-21 July2695:-
Elite League21-22 July

Senior Open League Women/Men

Are you a couple friends who usually play in different clubs? In this league you’ll be able to play together. Mix players as you wish, active and not active. NOTE! The age restriction is 17 and older. (The year you turn 17)

Senior Exercise League Women/Men

Gather your friends to play handboll and have a fun day at the beach. This league is for you who usually do something other than playing handball. The age restriction is 15 and older, and in this league it´s not allowed to play with active handball players.

Elite league

Sweden´s elite teams on the women-and men side together with international top clubs fight for the master title in the festivals elite league. The group winner and the overall winner in both women-and mens league will receive prize money. Contact Mats G Jönsson if you´re interested in this league!


Information about the contest

Game rules

Åhus Beach Handball builds its concept after the rules for indoor handball, from the Swedish Handball Federation, with a few exceptions.

  • Each match starts with tossing up the ball
  • No returns after a goal, the game starts again immediately by the goalkeeper inside of the goal area
  • 3 players + 1 goalkeeper on the field applies for all leagues, and a maximum of 6 subs
  • The recommended amount of players per team is 8
  • Game time 1 x 10 minutes
  • The sandfield is 12 x 25 metres, the line for the goal area is drawn right across the field (6 metres).
  • Regular handball-goals, the crossbar is lowered for the players born 2006-2010
  • When the ball, after being saved by the goalkeeper, goes beyond the sideline but inside of the goal area, it’s the goalkeeper’s throw.
  • 1 minute of expulsion (no warnings given!). Three expulsions results in a red card! The player that’s been sent off sit by the functionary table. The referee and scorekeeper manages the expulsion time together!
  • Red card with a report may lead to suspension in one or more subsequent matches. All red cards with report will be sent to the associated district federations at the end of the tournament.
  • Players and leaders will automatically be suspended from 1 match after two “red cards” – applies for all ages and leagues
  • The red cards are cleared for the finals
  • Dipping the ball is allowed, however the ball must be RELEASED from the hand while doing so, 3 new steps can be used.
  • Rolling the ball is allowed, counts as bouncing.
  • Equal results in the playoff result in “sudden death” after a 30 second break.
  • Switches are done between the functionary table and goal area.
  • Beach-handballs come in different sizes, see under Registration Information (​LÄNK​) to see which ball size your league plays with.
  • Large group games for all classes. Those who only play one day have 5-6 teams in every group, and the two-day’s classes have about 10-12 teams in every group.
  • A and B playoffs are applied and in some leagues even C-finals
  • The order in the preliminary rounds are determined by a regular point system. If two or more teams have the same amount of points, is the
    order decided by these priorities: 1) Points 2) Goal difference 3) Most goals made 4) IM Points 5) IM goal difference 6) IM most goals made 7) Lottery
  • Finals every night around 21.00-22.00 for the child-leagues
  • The finals for youth and junior are around 22.00 and on the completion on Sunday around 21.30
  • 8 medals per team for the winner, the runner up and also for the semi-finalists in the A-playoff
  • The winner in A-playoff will also receive a cup and champion-shirts. The runner up in the A-playoff will receive a cup.
  • Original team names are only allowed in the Exercise-leagues and Open-leagues.
  • It is the team’s responsibility to make sure that their vacancy is appointed. Appointed spots in the vacancy will directly be updated in the computer system.
  • Teams who leave the tournament after it started is fined with 1 500SEK ; WO gives 2 points and 5-0
  • The competition Åhus Beach Handball has yearly sanctions from the Swedish Handball Federation.
  • The competition is included in Everything About Handball’s Cup tour for youth-teams.

Additional rules for the Exercise-leagues

  • No active players are allowed to be in the exercise-league. An active player is the one who played in a registered association/league after the 1 of January the same year.
  • If the reason for play-break the whole same year is injury and the player is going to start playing in the registered association after the tournament, they will be counted as ACTIVE and won’t be allowed to participate in this league.
  • All players shall be presented with their full personal code number (6) in formation. If they’re not, the team can be denied to play.
  • We expect active players in accordance with these rules, to take their responsibility towards “real” exercisers and won’t participate in the exercise-leagues.
  • Breaking these rules can be prosecuted with immediate suspension for the whole team.

Exemption information

  • Exemption applications is done through your team page. The last day for the applications is the 30th of June.
  • A covenant exemption is approved for use at Åhus Beach Handball and may be presented at the request of the competition staff.
  • It’s not assured that all exemptions are allowed. Just because you have an exemption from your federation doesn’t automatically mean its valid here, all applications are validated manually.
  • Keep in mind that players with exemptions will NOT be allowed to play in the A-playoffs.
  • Adolescents who’s 17 and older can play in the elite-and open-leagues in Åhus Beach Handball.
  • Adolescents who’s 15 and older can play in the exercise-leagues in Åhus Beach Handball.
  • Teams who use unqualified players will be excluded from the tournament immediately.
  • Transitions-information does not apply for exercise, company, -and open-leagues.
  • SHF’s rules for player-transfers apply, see (​LÄNK​)


  • Approved match-clothes for Exercise, Open, Company -and Sponsor-leagues are shorts, tank top, regular top or T-shirt.
  • For the other leagues regular match-clothes apply.
  • At the same color on shirts, the away team wear vests, and Åhus Beach Handball stands for the vests.
  • The goalkeeper shall wear a different color on the shirt than the rest of the team, and they’re allowed to wear a cap and sunglasses during the match.
  • Match-clothes shall have numbers on them (0-99).

Protest procedure

A JURY WILL BE APPLIED. If any of you for some reason wants to leave in a protest, contact the contest office, at the latest, 15 minutes after the game has ended. The form will be filled in and be handed in together with 500SEK (which only will be paid back if the protest is approved) to the contest office. The jury will meet and will come back with an answer at the latest 15 minutes after the protest has been handed in.

Zero tolerance

We want, together with you, with the following directives give the handball and youth a chance for continued development in a positive environment. If someone uses a swear word during a match, it will lead to one (1) minute expulsion. If someone uses sexual words or foul language straight out and/or at the referee, a player, leader or the audience, it will lead to a red card. Obscene or offensive gestures, physical violence and any form of threat will be punished with a red card. Zero tolerance is also applied for alcohol-consuming out on the festival area, and also if there’s suspicions that players or leaders are drunk!

Åhus Beach Handball Festival has the right to reject these people from the area, thus being disqualified from the competition! All of us together create the conditions for a successful festival in a positive environment


These talented young people that are here to help players, leaders and audience are worth gold! They’re here to give you the best service for just your game. They’re not referees who make any decision, they are there to help you and the referees during the game! We ask you to treat these adolescents with respect and if there’s something you want to discuss about the match, talk with the REFEREE and not the scorekeeper. They report in the game results, judged by the referee, and help keeping track on the time at expulsions! Also keep in mind that everyone can be affected by the human factor, something can go wrong. But keep NODSWD (No One Does Something Wrong Deliberately) in mind, and we’ll surely be able to solve potential mistakes in the best way!

How do we register a team?

International teams send a email to